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Community / Land projects / Rwanda: LAND-at-scale: Land Conflict Resolution Project (LCRP)

Rwanda: LAND-at-scale: Land Conflict Resolution Project (LCRP)


07/21 - 12/23


This project is part of


1) To improve understanding by key land security stakeholders of the barriers limiting inclusive, accessible, transparent and predictable access to land justice at decentral level. 2) To enhance capacity of the Abunzi, cell land committees and other relevant land dispute resolution actors to make just decisions on land-related disputes. 3) To develop and test in pilot districts an efficient Information Management System and quality-control system for land dispute resolution at decentral level. 4) To have a roadmap for sustainable institutionalization and further national scaling of enhanced land related conflict management at decentral level agreed by key Ministries.


The project aims to enhance land security in Rwanda by strengthening public confidence in registration of land transactions.

Target Groups

Direct beneficiaries: The Abunzi; cell land committees; Ministry of Justice; Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority; Ministry of Local Government; Ministry of Environment; selected (primary) courts; civil society organizations; knowledge institutes; community/women groups; people in the pilot areas. Indirect beneficiaries: Communities of the pilot districts, and especially rural women; all communities and people of Rwanda suffering land insecurity, especially rural women and other vulnerable groups.