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Community / Land projects / Saving Key Habitat For Migratory Landbir

Saving Key Habitat For Migratory Landbir


08/17 - 08/19


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The Gran Chaco Americano is a vast, relatively flat, wooded region occupying south-eastern Bolivia, western ..Paraguay and northern Argentina. In Paraguay, it covers the lands west of the Paraguay River and is characterized tropical savannas, dense thorn-scrub forest and more open vegetation in areas with sand dunes. Due to increased ..deforestation rates in the past decade, the Paraguayan Chaco is undergoing a rapid change, with the remaining ..forest patches being so small that they are essentially islands in an entirely man-made landscape. Lack of a regional regarding land use management and land protection is one of the main problems to get to a sustainable ..balance of the use of the Chaco. Many Neotropical Migrants depend on the Paraguayan Chaco during migration and ..overwintering including 14 species of Neotropical Migratory Landbirds that depend on the forests in the Chaco and ..of which several are in steep decline. Rapid action is required as a recent analysis of economic drivers indicated a ..realistic possibility that all suitable land will have been transformed for cattle production by 2025. Guyra Paraguay ..will advance long-term conservation of Neotropical Migratory Landbirds in the Paraguayan Chaco through targeted ..habitat management and protection, support for more effective land-use planning, and public outreach. To achieve ..this, Guyra Paraguay aims to: 1) improve management and effective protection of Neotropical Migratory landbird ..habitat in six protected areas in the Paraguayan Chaco; 2) assess and evaluate the impact of land use change in ..the Paraguayan Chaco on Neotropical migratory landbird species through, monitoring, data compilation and ..analysis; 3) stimulate sustainable land use and strategic land planning by working with local stakeholders ..(authorities, ranchers, land owners) and, 4) raise awareness and built support for the conservation of the ..Paraguayan Chaco and its migratory species.