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Community / Land projects / Sekelekani- Petroleum/Gas Accountability

Sekelekani- Petroleum/Gas Accountability


07/14 - 12/16


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In Mozambique, Oxfam is partnering with two national organizations and district level paralegal organizations. Sekelekani is communication and media advocacy organization created by Tomas Vieira Mario # a notable Mozambican journalist and media lawyer. Sekelekanifocuses on communication for development and advocates for freedom of information and freedom of the press. Sekelekani is part of the National Civil Society Platform for Natural Resources and Extractive Industries, composed of 18 organizations. Sekelekani leads the communications work for the Platform, and has been actively exposing resettlement and land titling problems encountered in Palma district, where a proposed new liquid natural gas (LNG) plant will be built. Centro Terra Viva (CTV) is an environmental research and advocacy NGO that works for the protection and promotion of sustainable development. Established in 2002, CTV#s works to strengthen civil society participation in national decision-making processes through applied research onenvironmental law and policies, environmental education and training. In the Palma district, CTV is training and supporting local community paralegals leading rights training and disseminating information about environmental and land legislation to communities in the project area, with a specific focus on gender equality.

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