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Community / Land projects / SORF 2013-2015

SORF 2013-2015


04/13 - 12/15


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On invitation by the local government, SORF will start to work in 5 new villages in two communes in Krakor District, Pursat province, a remote area of Social Land Concession. The direct target group is 150 poor households covering 600 people (360 women, 240 men).By December 2015, the following Outcomes will be achieved. 1. Te 150 selected poor households in the five target villages have increased their income from on- and off-farm Income Generating Activities (IGAs) by 20%. “Destitute” people have increased access to social protection mechanisms within the village (a Village Social Protection Committee will identify suitable sustainable IGAs). 2. The 150 poor households will have improved food security through more equitable access to agricultural opportunities (vegetable growing, livestock raising, etc.) and small business opportunities through the improved management of community resources (human, financial, natural resources). 3. The 150 poor families have demonstrated improved management of their households. 4. The 150 poor households have increased their voice and engaged in the development process through strengthened civil community structures and more responsive local government institutions. 5. The sub-national governments and civil society organisations concerned have increased their capacity and interactions on disaster risk reduction. 6. Existing models of Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) are strengthened and consolidated for dissemination and replication in other disaster prone areas in Cambodia. 7. The 5 communities have increased awareness and have strengthened their resilience with respect to disasters and access to water by working in schools.

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