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Community / Land projects / Student-Led School Sanitation and Hygiene

Student-Led School Sanitation and Hygiene


03/16 - 11/16


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Student-Led School Sanitation and Hygiene (SLSSH) is a student hygiene and school sanitation project designed whereby students take the lead in the process of implementation. It is the students that initiate and lead change processes by establishing their own committees and setting their own bylaws to improve their school compound sanitation and students’ hygiene.


The project Student-Led School Sanitation and Hygiene (SLSSH) is adopted to school setting from Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) to contribute to the effort of Ethiopian Ministry of Health to improve the sanitation and hygiene service and reach 82% of the population in sanitation and hygiene and Open defecation Free (OPF) society by 2015 and assured child friendly school environment through hygiene and sanitation intervention to contribute to the improvement of quality education



Target Groups

The project will be implemented in 2 rural primary schools of Liben-Chukala located in East Shoa Zone of Oromia National Regional State. Here the school community (teachers, students and supporting staffs) will directly benefited from the intervention of this project. As of the current data from the schools, +/- 2400 students and 90 teachers and supporting staffs will be addressed. Apparently, a total of +/- 15 000 community members will be indirectly benefited from the SLSSH project to be implemented in 3 primary schools.