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Community / Land projects / Sugarcane Industry Land Conflict Resolut

Sugarcane Industry Land Conflict Resolut


11/17 - 12/18


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Sugarcane Industry Land Conflict project will secure the land rights of community affected by the expansion of the Sugarcane Industry Sector in Cambodia. The Koh Kong cases (i.e. the dispute in Sre Ambel) is well-known, and part of Oxfam influencing workover the past years. The project can be considered high-impact, as it will provide land rights to people, and will close the #loop# on an intense local-to-global influencing strategy that also prompted Coca Cola and others to improve their policies (through the Behind the Brands Campaign), and urgent, as it is direct consequence of an opening secured from the government, and that needs immediate action. The project would have a positive impact to at least 200 families in Koh Kong and involve at least 300hectares of land where the Land ministry commit to provide hard and private land titles to individual families. Finally, Oxfam in Cambodia is also looking for additional human resources mobilization internal from any campaign team to support the process of addressing land conflict on sugarcane industry in Cambodia especially on policy influencing documentation. Objectives 1. Resolve land conflicts in Koh Kong Province where affected communities will receive their land and compensations. 2. Clearthe name of Oxfam#s and partner from misperception of being anti-development/sugar industry and restore trust with local government.

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