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Community / Land projects / Supporting and monitoring of CPT Joao Pessoa access to land project

Supporting and monitoring of CPT Joao Pessoa access to land project


02/15 - 03/15


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The project in which the accompanier will support aims to strengthen 286 families from six poor rural farming communities to organise themselves to defend their rights to permanently live on their land, grow and sell agricultural produce, and possess titles to their land, thereby increasing their food and income security. This involves a combined strategy of: 1) strengthening community organisation so communities and leaders are aware of their rights and can represent their communities’ needs to governmental authorities; 2) supporting legal cases to pressure state bodies (INCRA and the justice department) to guarantee land entitlement, halt evictions of families from their lands; and to mediate where there is conflict and violence against poor farmers. 3) joint public campaigning and lobbying of governmental bodies with other civil society partners to raise awareness of the need for land reform. In the long term this strategy aims to convert temporary encampments to permanent settlements for rural families so they can live safely and sustainably, and thereby ensure food and income security via growing and selling agricultural produce on their land. This approval is to fund the local accompanier to build the capacity of CPT Joao Pessoa in the following areas: - Planning - Monitoring - Evidence collection - Reporting and Evaluation Please see the ToR and Contract in the related documents link for more information.