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Community / Land projects / Sustainable Land Management to Strengthen Social Cohesion in the Drylands of Burkina Faso

Sustainable Land Management to Strengthen Social Cohesion in the Drylands of Burkina Faso


10/23 - 10/23


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To enhance the national frameworks for the achievement of the national LDN targets, while promoting social cohesion in selected landscapes in the Centre-Nord region through the practical application of the LDN concept.


Note: Disbursement data provided is cumulative and covers disbursement made by the project Agency.

Target Groups

The project will increase knowledge on LDN and SLM at national and local levels, which will contribute to enabling stakeholders to make evidence-based decisions, while supporting social cohesion in the Centre-Nord region. Pilot sites will benefit from sustainable land management that will directly contribute to food security, economic activity and improvement of livelihoods. Through the support provided to the implementation of LDN actions contributing to social cohesion, the development of local key value chains, sustainable financing and capacity building of MSMEs, the project will generate sustainable socio-economic benefits for the stakeholders involved in the project, including for women and youth. Specifically, the livelihoods of local communities in the communes will be enhanced, through the land restoration and SLM actions, which will secure valuable ecosystem services, generate socio-economic benefits through the support provided to green economy and the establishment of a financing platform for LDN targeted businesses. The benefits will include, among others: i) increased financial security through diversified livelihoods; ii) increased food security; iii) increased social cohesion; and iv) women and youth empowerment.