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Community / Land projects / Territorial Planning and Comprehensive Risk Management to Increase Resilience to Internal Mobility due to Disa

Territorial Planning and Comprehensive Risk Management to Increase Resilience to Internal Mobility due to Disa


11/23 - 10/25


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The Dominican Republic is highly vulnerable to climatic events such as sea-level rise and frequent hurricanes that lead to flooding and landslides. In contrast, climate change is resulting in periods of drought with severe effects in certain territories of the country. In addition, there is high exposure to geophysical hazards such as earthquakes, some of them with magnitudes greater than five degrees. In this context, the Dominican Republic requires short- and medium-term actions that integrate measures related to human mobility, such as such as the development and implementation of disaster contingency plans in the short term and the planning and relocation of communities as a medium-term solution, as indicated in the National Development Strategy 2030.This project will contribute to increasing the resilience of communities in risk areas and reducing the vulnerability caused by internal mobility in the face of disasters, environmental degradation and climate change, taking into account the differentiated needs of men, women and vulnerable groups. To meet this objective, a gender-sensitive methodology will be developed to identify, characterise and assess the needs of communities in areas likely to be subject to land-use change and planned relocation (Output 1.1). Furthermore, National, Regional and Municipal Land Management Plans that take into account the relocation of communities in highly vulnerable areas will be developed (Output 1.2). Finally, Provincial Emergency, Contingency and Risk Management Plans for the Provincial Committees of Prevention, Mitigation and Response of two provinces vulnerable to the risk generated by disasters, environmental degradation and climate change will be developed (Output 1.3). As a result, the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, as the leader of the National Land Management System, will be capable of identifying human settlements in risk areas with relocation needs in the short- or medium-term in accordance with international standards and best practices.