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Community / Land projects / Towards a Land Degradation-Neutral Azerbaijan

Towards a Land Degradation-Neutral Azerbaijan


06/22 - 06/22


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To support the national efforts to develop and implement LDN national targets, and demonstration of SLM in Absheron Peninsula and surrounding areas, contributing to rehabilitation of degraded lands and improved livelihood resilience


Note: Disbursement data provided is cumulative and covers disbursement made by the project Agency.

Target Groups

189. Degraded lands in Azerbaijan provide many important ecosystem goods and services. These lands provide not only economic benefits, but also social and environmental services. Global environmental benefits related to the establishment of an effective Land Degradation Neutrality system that balances gains and losses of productive land and supports resilient and productive landscapes with a mosaic of land uses and diverse livelihood opportunities will also generate socio-economic benefits for the local communities in the project targeted areas will include: · Strengthening of value chains and improvement of market access for revenue and income generation, with improved employment opportunities for rural women and youth in particular · Improved food, nutritional and water security for vulnerable rural households that are often headed by women, strengthening their human rights to access to food and water · More resilient and equitable livelihoods for both women and men · Reduced risk (natural disasters, market volatility, access to information and finance) related to investing in value-chain development, restoration and SLM on degraded lands · Improved access to finance for smallholders and small-scale livestock owners for investing in new business plans related to restoration and SLM for achieving LDN.