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Community / Land projects / TZ MAZINGIRA-Women Empowerment

TZ MAZINGIRA-Women Empowerment


01/23 - 12/23


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The goal of this project is to give women more agency so that they can gain access to agricultural land and see their own initiatives for social and economic development bolstered by the community. The project will encourage both men and women to participate in atraining program designed to increase their knowledge and, in particular, to encourage men to alter their behavior and stereotypes in ways that will open up more opportunities for women to work the land. More than that, the program will provide men with a more nuanced understanding of women's perspectives, allowing them to move beyond seeing them as objects of amusement and instead include them in social and economic development decisions, particularly those pertaining to land access and the distribution of agricultural goods. Meetings for raising awareness, training, support, networking, and advocacy that actively involves those who will ultimately benefit from the project (the right holders and duty bearers) are the mainstays. The activities will be completed through the use of several methods, including the Empowerment Approach, the Rights Based Approach, the Facilitation Approach, and the Integrated Approach. The Mazingira Kwanza monitoring team, in conjunction with the focal person from the District Community Office, District WelfareOffice, Ward, and Community level, and on leaders from beneficiary's groups, will implement a monitoring mechanism (Track Results Taskforce). The taskforce's primary responsibility will be to keep tabs on how things are progressing on a day-to-day basis. To further track changes and gauge the project's success, other monitoring and evaluation activities like team meetings, activity reports, monthly and quarterly reports, and similar activities can be used. Among the activities that will be implemented include: Activity 1. Project Kickoff Community Meeting and introduction to the selected district at the LGA Activity: 2. Provision of capacity strengthening and training to 50 women on land and legal rights, financial literacy and enterpreneurship activities through modern farming. The workshop will be run for two weeks Workshop. Activity: 3. To Raise awareness on the women's land rights for equality and economic growth Activity 4. Provision of raw materials and other needed resources to support 50 women trained in modern farming Activity 5. Communication and reporting Activity 6. Linking and Learning

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