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Community / Land projects / TZ TIBA - Kijiwe cha kahawa

TZ TIBA - Kijiwe cha kahawa


01/23 - 12/23


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Agriculture is the backbone and foundation of economic and food security in Tanzania. Data show that more than 70% of women work inagriculture and agriculture businesses in the urban area, but they still face challenges such as land ownership, as most of them rent land for farming or sell agricultural products, changing climatic conditions, a lack of market for their products, insufficient financial support, and a lack of technological innovation in agriculture among women. TIBA proposes to address the identified phenomenon by improving the livelihood of small scale women vegetable farmers/vendors in urban areas, through capacity building for women vegetable vendors on marketing, such as selling door to door to other market strategies, such as one stop center a market place, edutechnology to improve food production, liking the small scale women vegetables vendors with financial institutions, including government loans, and education of women (agriculture and non-farm). Vegetables have a significant market and demand in metropolitan areas. The project will directly contact 50 small-scale female vegetable sellers as well as 60 local leaders (30 men and 30 women). Indirectly, 1000 others will benefit from the key beneficiaries' knowledge and practices, as well as through media. The project will be monitored before, during, and after it is completed, and the results will be communicated through recording of stories of transformation that will be published on media and at the stakeholders workshop. Among the activities that will be implemented by TIBA includebut not limited to; 1. Meeting with stakeholers,govrment,Cso and media in Kinondoni and Ubungo 2. Activity Heading identification of women vegetable farmers/ vendors 3. Activity Trainings and Dialogues 3.2 Four days training to 50 women vegetable farmers/ vendors on women right , tech in agriculture 3.3 Development of one stop center market for the product 4.1 Documentation and production of stories of change from the field,

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