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Community / Land projects / TZA Research Cooperation with ARU 2015-2020 - Research Cooperation with ARU

TZA Research Cooperation with ARU 2015-2020 - Research Cooperation with ARU


07/15 - 12/24


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ARU has applied to Sida for funding of of 31 500 000 SEK to carry out the programme Strengthening Capacity on Research and Innovation for Sustainable Land and Environmental Management for Inclusive Development”. The intervention aims at building institutional research capacity at ARU in order to generate research that can be used to address major issues of developement in Tanzania and especially for people who live in poverty. The programme consists of 7 subprogrammes of which most have a thematic foucus including, urban planning and development, rural development, markets, and land rights and large scale investmensts. Other programs are more concerned with research management capacity and use of research results. ARU has partnership with Swedish universities and institutions for support to research capacity development. Of the agreed 31 500 000 SEK 17 498 000 SEK will be directed to ARU, 11 040 000 SEK through UU/ISP to Swedish universities and institutions, 1 462 000 SEK will be transferred through UU/ISP to Tanzanians students while in Sweden and 1 500 000 SEK to UU/ISP for coordination of Swedish collaborating universities and institutions.


To increase Tanzania's production and use of scientific knowledge for inclusive economic growth and social development.