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Community / Land projects / Uganda Forest Programme

Uganda Forest Programme


01/18 - 12/21


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In Uganda, we aim for a desired situation where civil society influence policy and market decisions to ensure good governance of natural resources. The region in which our activities are located has the highest annual loss of forest and the highest level of poverty. Further the region, Albertine Graben, accounts for 70% of Uganda’s protected areas and holds important natural capital such as forest, freshwater and is rich on biodiversity and unique ecosystems. With a high level of poverty, the population is extremely vulnerable to environmental degradation and the effects of climate change. Key pressures emanate form development needs of the growing and poor population, the combination of weak natural resource governance and a high market demand for natural resources, unsustainable land management practices and large-scale infrastructural extraction. The programme will target central government, state agencies and district local governments to revise policies, laws, regulations and guidelines that enable equitable benefit sharing and improve legality in forest products trade.