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Community / Land projects / UNHABITAT innovative solutions for IDPS II

UNHABITAT innovative solutions for IDPS II


07/20 - 04/24


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Somalia is one of the fastest urbanizing countries in the world. The rapid urbanization is caused by significant forced displacements from rural areas into urban areas driven by conflicts, insecurity, search for economic opportunities and cyclical environmental adversities such as drought and famine. This has a huge impact not only upon livelihood opportunities, peace and stability and resilience, but also shifting rural and pastoralist livelihood to urban economies. The urban influx raises many challenges for the provision of basic urban services including secure access to land for settlement of IDPs and existing vulnerable communities. Lack of effective land administration and planning systems and weak institutions has led to arbitrary distribution of land and has aggravated contestation over land, housing and basic services. Intense competition over land exacerbates forced evictions particularly among IDPs and urban poor. The focus of this programme will be to promote inclusive employment opportunities for urban vulnerable populations, increase youth participation; integration of displacement affected households and to strengthen implementation of Durable Solutions and Youth development across Somalia. The programme will be implemented in Mogadishu, Kismayo, Baidoa and Dollow which are some of the majorly affected towns/cities.


The main objective of the project is to: To contribute to sustainable urban development, building resilient communities and providing urban services and livelihood opportunities for residents and marginalised groups.  The project has 4 main outcomes: Outcome 1: Inclusive employment opportunities in market sector driven value chains under the sustainable productive sectors increased Outcome 2: Increased youth participation in peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts including engagement in local governance and national decision-making processes.  Outcome 3: Enhanced local social, economic and spatial integration of displacement affected households through urban regeneration and upgrading projects Outcome 4: Enhancing tools and frameworks that strengthen implementation of Durable Solutions and Youth development across Somalia

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