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Community / Land projects / Value Chain Development Programme (PRODEFI)

Value Chain Development Programme (PRODEFI)


05/10 - 06/19


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The programme aims to support public and private institutions, civil society and rural poor organizations to establish a good partnership in the development of two key agricultural sectors (rice and milk) and six secondary branches; it intends to build the human, physical and technical capacity of poor smallholder farmers to enable them to protect their productive assets, increase their production of rice and milk and raise their incomes. Approximately 77,500 households in the provinces of Cibitoke, Kayanza, Karusi, Bubanza, Muramvya, Gitega will benefit from the programme. With regard to land and natural resource governance, the programme aims to establish the legal status and land rights in each plot (hills and marshes) and to support the registration of newly entered in the community by strengthening the capacity of communal development centres (CDCs) and administrative authorities, agents of communal land services, local elected officials, and "bashingantahe" (council of elders). Land activities include measures that allow women to access their own plot of land. Landless women can also rent a plot of rehabilitated land.