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VERP- Land policy influencing


01/19 - 12/20


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Realizing the given initiatives and directions of the Vietnamese government on agriculture is on right track as well as the urgencyand timing of land accumulation issues, Agriculture Coalition (Agri Co) would like to contribute to the process of policy making onland accumulation and land management in agriculture, providing policy makers with deep insights and multidimensional views on landaccumulation and concentration. Agri Co opines that the policy on land accumulation in agriculture is a prerequisite to boost laborproductivity, supporting for smart agriculture towards industrialization and modernization. In addition, Agri Co also found that smallholder farmers are highly likely to be affected and be vulnerable in the process of implementing land reform. Therefore, in orderto ensure the rights and interests of this group, as well as in line with Agri Co#s mission, we propose a policy advocacy initiative of #Policies of land accumulation and concentration for advancing agriculture efficiency and protecting the rights and benefits ofsmall farmers#. Following outcomes are expected: 1. Policy changes on the revision of land concentration and accumulation in protection of smallholder producers and sustainable land management proposed to policy makers; 2. Farmers and key stakeholders# voices on land rights influencing (policy making and monitoring) strengthened through a more participatory, transparent and engagement processes of key stakeholders, including media, for long-term impacts; 3. Strongeralliance built through strengthened knowledge and advocacy skills of AgiCo on land accumulation and concentration.

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