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Community / Land projects / WCM 2016-2020

WCM 2016-2020


01/16 - 12/20


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Project Title: Shan Communities’ Equal Rights Opportunity & Access Project Aim: Men and women enjoy equal rights, opportunities, access to information, and government services in Northern Shan State. Objective: By end of 2020, 3,184 men and women in 16 ethnic villages in two townships have improved capacity to lead their own development and improved access to health and social services. Problem Analysis: For women; lack of opportunities, lack of social protection, lack of women’s self-help competences, lack of access to health care in combination with their reproductive role, stereotypes the ‘people’ have and the domination of men are root causes for gender inequality. For ethnic groups; the following root causes contributed to ethnic inequality whereby minority groups are marginalized: lack of opportunities, lack of social services, lack of awareness on ethnic rights, not being included in business opportunities as well as being dominated by Burmese and fearing to lose their ethnic identity. Result 1: Community Health Workers and Health Insurance Funds are functioning. Result 2: SHGs are functioning and members completed business training and started individual or group business. Result 3: VDC’s completed training on leadership skills, PCM, community organizing, human rights, gender, land law and developed VAPs. Result 4: Community, in particular youth, has improved awareness on safe migration, acquiring legal documents and trafficking. Result 5: Local Partner Organizations have improved capacity.  Main activities and Thematic priorities: -       Basic health services, including pregnant and lactating mothers, nutrition, family planning, HIV/Aids and TB awareness  -       Social services, including Self-Help Groups and small business support  -       VDCs capacity building and village action planning (land use planning and DRR planning)  -       Community awareness, including land rights, safe migration, youth migrants, legal documents and exploitation/ trafficking  -       Capacity building LPO


This project mainly contributes to results within Economic empowerment of women. Results will be reported later in the Global Civsam grant period 2016-2020