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WoGEM Greener Economy


08/23 - 12/23


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Women for Green Economy Movement Uganda (WoGEM Uganda).WoGEM Uganda is dedicated at influencing and promoting women and girls'participation in a greener economy to promote social and economicdevelopment.Our CampaignBridging the gap between Women in Leadership andthe local women infighting for Climate Justice.BackgroundClimate change is a global issue and has greatly affected the local andmarginalized women and girlsIn Uganda, it is attributed to different factors such as deforestation, swampreclamation,development projects which include East Africa Crude OilPipeline (EACOP), construction of hydro dams and roads.These projects have caused injustices among the local and vulnerablewomen such as violation of human, environmental and land rights,compulsory land grabbing leading to food insecurities , limited access toclean water among others.There is less/no engagement between the government, developmentpartners and the vulnerable women during the planning of these projects yetthe women are the most affectedby the impacts of the projects that arecarried out in their ancestral land.ActionThis campaign will help to bridge the gap between the most affectedvulnerable women andwomen in leadership so that their voices andgrievances can be presented to the decision makers.How this Campaign will pilot or incorporate the use of the feministinfluencing basket?This campaign is envisioned at empowering vulnerable women withknowledge and skills to know their human, environmental and land rights sothat they can speak upwith confidence to claim what belongs to them henceattaining justice.What you will use the funds for?We will carryout a 3 day conference bringing together women in leadershipand the vulnerable women to share experiences and ideas on climate changeimpactsand come up with locally led solutions to the existing impacts.More so, we will build a Feminist Movement where the vulnerable women areable to share their climate change stories and struggles withwomen inleadership to build resilience while fighting for climate justice.Further more , we will carryout media campaigns and produce advocacymaterials to create public awareness about climate change and the injusticesfaced by vulnerable women thereby reducing onthe shrinking civic spacefaced by many feministgroups.Lastly, we will also train women and girls on green economic alternatives likeweaving to replace polythene bags and making of briquets to reducecharcoal burning there by protecting and preserving the environment fromclimate change impacts. More sothese projects will empower womenfinancially to reduce on gender based violence in families.