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Community / Land projects / Women and Young People in Co-operative Housing (AP-WYCOH)

Women and Young People in Co-operative Housing (AP-WYCOH)


01/18 - 12/22


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To promote eco-friendly housing cooperative model and land rights for women and young people in Misungwi and Nyamagana Districts by 2022. expected results; Organizational development, Cooperative housing development promoted in rural and urban areas, Financial Inclusion, Empowerment of women and young people


Participated in the review and amendment of national NGO policy of 2001. supported ESARHJM network members with training on adequate housing. Trained 8 artisans all male of appropriate building technology. Carried out a training on land policy and property rights with support from TAWLA for 47 participants (24 male and 23 female). Trained 50 youth and women on leadership and confidence building to enable them challenge for leadership positions. One housing cooperative formally registered. Number of pro-housing mutual self-help initiatives, where members help each other to construct houses, increased from 10 to 12. Number of women participating in leadership increased from 66 as at August to 74 by end of October.