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A coal mine in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan
16 January 2023


Experts call for stronger land use planning as extent of Indonesian forest lost  to coal mining is revealed

Indonesia island auction
3 January 2023

Shares of a private company with the rights to develop tourism facilities within a marine reserve in Indonesia have reappeared for auction later this month despite the government’s plan to annul an agreement with the firm.

Foto: Sotheby's/ Divulgação
3 December 2022

Proposta é transformar parte do arquipélago em uma área para resort de luxo sustentável; iniciativa é alvo de preocupação de ambientalistas.

Indigenous peoples from various regions in Indonesia
1 December 2022

The Indonesian government has for the first time relinquished state forest into the custody of Indigenous communities in the eastern region of Papua

River and mangroves of Segun district in Sorong regency
15 November 2022

On the ground and in the courts, members of the Moi indigenous group are resisting oil palm expansion in West Papua, Indonesia

Indigenous people on Indonesia's Aru Island protest for land rights
9 November 2022

Indigenous groups in Indonesia ask EU for help enshrining rights as part of free-trade agreement

6 October 2022
  • The Harita Group holds a nickel mining concession covering about 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres) on Wawonii Island.
  • The arrival of the mine has divided the community between those who support the development and farmers hoping to retain their fruit and nut trees.
La FAO reclama paz para garantizar el acceso a los alimentos
28 September 2022

El aumento de los precios de los alimentos tendrá implicaciones devastadoras para la seguridad alimentaria y la nutrición en el mundo, resalta el titular de la FAO.

26 August 2022

Indonesia plans to expand protection of its seas to cover an area nearly the size of Germany by 2030 — and then tripling it by 2045.

25 August 2022
  • Expat demand for homes in Bali, Indonesia, is spiking.
  • The spike is driven by the rise of remote work, a new second-home visa, and skyrocketing rents.
  • "The last 18 months — I've never seen it been busier in Bali," said Nathan Ryan, the founder of Bali Realty.

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