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A woman returns to a farmer village near Dodoma, Tanzania (Photo: Cecilia Schubert, Creative Commons via Flickr)

By Philippine Sutz, Senior researcher – Legal Tools team; Natural Resources Group, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

This blog was produced for the LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin. Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development (LEGEND) is a DFID programme that aims to improve land rights protection, knowledge and information, and the quality of private sector investment in DFID priority countries.


Kenya’s new constitution provides for ‘community lands’. Group ranches and trust lands will be vested in communities. But why, some ponder, would modern citizens want to own land as communities? Is the constitution protecting old ways instead of leading us into the future?

This week I will answer these questions through a global lens. Next week I will zero in on constitutional directives and how far the proposed Community Land Bill delivers.

In Africa, farmers rely on their rights to community land, but governments don't always back them up with legislation. Photo Credit: Gates Foundation/Flickr

When Kenyans enacted the Constitution in 2010, one of the crucial areas that we decided to focus on was land reform.Ke

The key target of this is the recognition, protection, and registration of community land rights.

It is unfortunate that land reform has now been turned into a political process that fails to respect the aspirations of the people.

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