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29 May 2017

With detailed field studies from Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda and Namibia, a new report sheds light on the consequences of extractive industries on land rights and indigenous peoples in Africa. “Worrying that so little is done to protect the environment and the indigenous peoples,” says the report.

21 April 2017


The Ministry Lands and Resettlement has made significant strides in driving the land distribution programme through the willing buyer-willing seller model since the country attained independence.

27 February 2017

Date: 27 February 2017

Source: New China

In Namibia's northern Omusati region, Esra Kuutumbeni toils on her pearl millet field as she hopes for improved yields of the staple crop, following a dry spell the preceding year.


By: Shinovene Immanuel
Date: November 14th 2016
Source: The Namibian

FOREIGN nationals will no longer be allowed to own agricultural, commercial and communal land if a proposed law tabled last week by lands minister Utoni Nujoma is passed in parliament.


By: Matheus Hamutenya
Date: October 24th 2016
Source: / New Era

After their land resettlement applications failed for about two decades, a group of fed-up farmers on Thursday moved onto farm Dickbusch - owned by government - with their livestock.

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