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21 March 2018
Klaus Deininger
South Africa

Many of today’s increasingly complex development challenges, from rapid urban expansion to climate change, disaster resilience, and social inclusion, are intimately tied to land and the way it is used. Addressing these challenges while also ensuring individuals and communities are able to make full use of their land depends on consistent, reliable, and accessible identification of land rights.

26 December 2010
Mr. Mark Misselhorn
South Africa

Government should address informal settlement housing backlog in the country. Addressing challenges posed by informal settlements will help government to meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goals such as providing access to basic water and sanitation. Underlying socio-economic causes of informal settlements should be tackled. When addressing challenges posed by informal settlements, government should provide the urban poor with cost effective access to urban environments.

South Africa

Date: 14 mars 2017

Source: Le Monde Afrique

Par Jean-Philippe Rémy

Lettre de Johannesburg.

Sous la pression de l’opposition, l’ANC envisage de remettre en cause l’inviolabilité de la propriété privée garantie par la Constitution post-apartheid pour assurer un meilleur partage des richesses.

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