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Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyer Siphosami Malunga
31 October 2022

When the government of Zimbabwe started grabbing land from former white farmers, many in the country celebrated, thinking an injustice was being righted. Little did we know that the same laws would one day be abused to grab land from black people.

Foto: Haytam123258
10 October 2022

No final de 2021, um relatório do FIDA – Fundo Internacional para o Desenvolvimento da Agricultura, uma agência da ONU – Organização das Nações Unidas, divulgou preocupantes perspectivas para a produção agrícola na África. O texto alertava que a produção de alimentos básicos em oito países africanos poderá cair até 80% em 2050, por conta das mudanças climáticas.

26 August 2022

Agriculture Minister Anxious Masuka has said at least 260,000 people are on the waiting list to be allocated farms.Masuka was speaking during a field day in Kwekwe, before putting unproductive farmers on notice.The senior government official confirmed that at least 304 whites are occupying farms in the country.

6 June 2022

New agricultural methods to build climate change resilience for small-scale farmers will fall flat unless they are deeply respectful of indigenous knowledge systems, research has found.

3 May 2022

HUNDREDS of villagers in the Chilonga area of Chiredzi district held a demonstration at Chief Chilonga’s homestead on Sunday, protesting the government’s continue manoeuvres to proceed with the setting up of a lucerne grass-farming project by a private company, Dendairy.

7 February 2022

Researching Land Reform in Zimbabwe is a new book compiling 20 articles the Zimbabwe Land Research team has published over the last 20 years. All the chapters bar one have appeared as peer-reviewed journal articles, with the material covering the period from early land invasions in 2000 to more recent developments.

Fonte: Pathways of Sustainability
26 January 2022
Sub-Saharan Africa

O Zimbabué confirmou hoje perante o Conselho de Direitos Humanos das Nações Unidas em Genebra ter concluído um acordo de compensação aos agricultores - locais e estrangeiros -- expropriados das suas terras há duas décadas

24 January 2022

YET another Chinese miner, Monalof, is embroiled in a bitter wrangle with villagers in Binga who are resisting is bid to evict them from their ancestral lands.

The villagers were recently given a three months’ notice to vacate their homes and pave way for the establishment of a coal mine by Monalof.

7 January 2022

THE fate of 12 000 villagers in Chilonga, Chiredzi, has been effectively sealed after the High Court on Thursday ruled there was “finite wisdom” in gave President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration’s decision to evict them.


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