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The Land Portal brings together diverse organizations, groups and individuals into one global community dedicated to exploring the issues surrounding land and property rights. Sign-up now to join the conversation.

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NRMC is a technical and managerial advisory firm in the development sector that provides evidence-based solutions for sustainable, equitable and inclusive development. 


Uttaran, which means ‘transition’, in Bangla language, is a people centred organisation using a rights based approach to alleviate poverty, diversify livelihood opportunities and empower poor communities throughout the southwest region and gradually expanding to other parts of Bangladesh.

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The Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure is an internationally negotiated framework to improve land governance.  For those working in the land sector, it is a framework which is referred to regularly. Perhaps this is because
The first of its kind for DFID’s land programmes, LEGEND’S Portfolio Overviews look across up to 26 of DFID’s programmes to capture where and how DFID programmes engage on land tenure issue, drawing out successes and common challenges, and


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06 October 2021 to 22 October 2021
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Land Portal Foundation
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04 October 2021


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New York Climate Week 2024

22 September 2024 - 29 September 2024

Climate Week NYC is the largest annual climate event of its kind, bringing together over 600 events and activities across the City of New York – in person, hybrid and online.