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Land registration team in Madagascar
21 January 2022
Sierra Leone

Location: Livestream on the GFFA website ( If you want to participate actively in the Global Forum on Food & Agriculture and receive information about all events, please register here:

19 January 2022

15 years ago, when the Mozambican government signed the contract with VALE, almost everybody in Mozambique believed that coal would develop the country. This investigation exposes part of the destruction that VALE Moçambique is preparing to leave behind now that it has announced an agreement to sell its projects to Vulcan Minerals for US $270 million.

18 January 2022
South Africa

KNP in perspective (Part One)

The Kruger National Park and its complex history of conservation and dispossession

 By the 1950s, Kruger Park had become a global ‘must-see’ destination for tourists. Photo: SANParks Archives

Global Canopy
18 January 2022

Global Canopy (GC) is a data-driven not for profit that targets the market forces destroying nature. We do this by improving transparency and accountability. We provide innovative open-access data, clear metrics, and actionable insights to leading companies, financial institutions, governments and campaigning organisations worldwide.

CIAT 2017 Burundi agriculture flickr.jpg
18 January 2022

Amahoro @ Scale (Peace-at- Scale) is the Burundi country project of the larger “LAND -at- Scale” program funded by RVO (The Netherlands Enterprise Agency) which is currently active in 14 countries in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Where do we land up on climate change?
14 January 2022

In this episode of Land UP! we ask where do we land up on climate change?

We spoke to Indigenous climate activist Dr. Myrna Cunningham Kain, the Guardian's global environment editor Jonathan Watts and Co-Director of Prindex Anna Locke. We discussed the recent COP26, which took place in Glasgow in November of 2021,  and what this means for Indigenous land rights.


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