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Community / Land projects / Environment Peace Initiative for Colombia (EPIC)-Fondo Patrimonio Natural (FPN)

Environment Peace Initiative for Colombia (EPIC)-Fondo Patrimonio Natural (FPN)


08/13 - 09/23


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(Colombia): .USAID/Colombia's Conservation and Governance activity conserves the Andean Amazon ecosystem and fosters sustainable rural development by providing technical assistance to farmers to develop land management best practices, and improve productivity of combined woodland/grazing and agroforestry systems. In order to protect forest remnants, the activity supports farmers to establish nature reserves on their own land, which are key elements in conservation corridors to enhance biological connectivity. The activity also supports farmers in strengthening the cheese value chain, from production to marketing, and in securing long-term commercial agreements, as well as eco-tourism by supporting a "cheese trail" which stops at various farms and reserves allowing tourists to learn about both the cheese-making process and conservation of the Amazon ecosystem. This tourism component helps to achieve our conservation goals in Colombia through conservation agreements signed with local farmers that protect existing forests and watersheds as private natural reserves, rehabilitate degraded land and establish agroforestry systems. The program is promoting ecotourism linked to these conservation efforts and culture of the cattle ranching, branded as 'The Cheese Route'. This activity is implemented through a local organization, and directly contributes to the USG Mission Objective to improve conditions for inclusive rural economic growth and sustainable development. FY 2018 funding will provide $330,541 for the FY 2018 SFOAA-legislated Andean Amazon Biodiversity directive... .. .

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