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Community / Land projects / F.a: Adivasi Traditional Rights and Livelihood Promotion in two Districts of Odisha

F.a: Adivasi Traditional Rights and Livelihood Promotion in two Districts of Odisha


01/16 - 12/16


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The project will focus on Indigenous Community Socio Cultural Rights and Forest-based Sustainable Livelihood. Through this the main focus will be given on the follow-up of implementation of CFR (Community Forest Rights/Resources) under FRA (Forest Rights A ct) till all the villages have got their community rights over Community Forest Resources, including rights over the shifting cultivation area where Adivasis are practicing since long time. They will also ensure that their individual forest rights land as well as community boundary is properly identified and accepted by the community. Along with this, project will focus on the establishment of good relationship among the different Adivasi communities of other area in the district, state and other state and mutual learning of good traditional practices for their better life and livelihood. They will also ensure the sustainable practice of livelihood and its documentation. Time to time they will raise their current issues with other people in their Adivasi for ums and other different platforms, including submitting memorandum to Government Of Odisha and Government Of India and meeting with Government People.Seba Jagat has worked in the themes of adivasi forest and land rights, culture, village self-governance, a divasi women groups, promotion of sustainable minor forest produce utilisation and organic agriculture, and proper implementation of government social and employment support programmes. Devote Trust is founded by local adivasis in the beginning of 2000´s. Its basis of operations are the needs of local forest dependent communities, and it is working for realisation of a just, sustainable and democratic society. In its operational villages live Kondh adivasis, whose main source of livelihoods are agriculture , shifting cultivation and minor forest products. Most of the people are living below poverty lines and indebtedness is a big problem in their areas. Hard labour and malnutrition makes the people vulnerable to diseases like malaria, diarrhoea and other wat er-borne diseases.

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