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Insurance Conv. Impl Pillar 2 WAPNL


08/19 - 12/22


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Through regular, active participation in the Steering Group of the IMVO Convergent Insurance sector and in 4 working groups (Themes, Annual Theme, Monitoring and Reporting, Joint Priorities), the applying NGOs will: - actively contribute to the implementation of the covenant, including the formulation of texts for policy frameworks, the establishment of a monitoring system, agreements on the annual theme and the selection and discussion of cases. - actively monitor the progress of the implementation ofthe covenant, and (where possible) contribute to (the development of) possible solutions; - contribute their specific knowledge and information as described under 1.5. As the duration of the covenant is longer than the duration of this application, a financial solution will still have to be found for the participation and contributions of the NGOs described in the last months of the covenant (January - July 2023). The participating NGOs bring their specific knowledge and information about human rights (including children's rights, gender equality and land rights), climate change, controversial weapons and arms trade, nature, the fight against corruption, health (including access to medicines) and animal welfare in the local context. The NGOs will contribute by sharing their expertise with the Partiesand Insurers with regard to, among other things: # Contacts with local stakeholders; # The development of civil society in developing countries; # ESG risks; # Ways to remove barriers to the completion of ESG policies, such as freedom of association; # Contacts with governments in unstable, conflict-affected or quasi-uncontrolled areas; # Contacts with the government of states where frequent serious impacts frequently occur; # Protection of (human rights) activists; # Gathering local evidence with regard to ESG violations In addition, the NGOs will provide the parties and insurers with (background) information, knowledge, analysis, perspectives and /or advice on matters such as: # Actual and potential impacts in the field of ESG, with a clear indication of the status of this information; # General ESG policies and procedures for ESG due diligence; # Colleague and partner organizations. The NGOs will also contribute to the prioritizationof risks based on knowledge of (future) international standards and their global and international overview, perspective and network and will consult with the parties on improving the situation of the injured parties.

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