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Community / Land projects / Large Scale Land Based Inv. Amuria

Large Scale Land Based Inv. Amuria


12/17 - 03/18


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Eastern and Southern African Farmers Forum-Uganda (ESAFF-Uganda) is part of a regional small scale farmers# coalition established in 2002 during the World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg to bring together small scale farmers, pastoralists and traditional fisher folks at different levels into a social movements with a common aspirations and ensure learning <(>&<)> linkages. ESAFF- Uganda is a partner implementing Right to Food in Uganda with the role of working with small scale farmers, consortium members of R2F project and other like-minded organizations to push for the recognition of small scale farmers# voices by organizing farmers and support their participation in high level lobby meetings, campaigns, dialogues and policy meetings. ESAFF Uganda and Oxfam In Uganda piloted the Oxfam Meaningful Community Engagement tools in Large Scale Land Based Investments in Agriculture (MECoT- LSLBI) in Amuru district in 2017, with funding from Oxfam Pan African Team. Experience of piloting the LSLBI tools in agriculture in Amuru district coupled with the trend of land dispossession from small scale farmers by private and public large-scale land investors necessitate empowering communities with practical-innovative tools and approaches that help to position them to engage meaningfully throughout the investment processes and stages for a win-win engagement. Above all, the land rights of the poor need to be protected first by the landowners themselves and other concerned stakeholders, and thisis the rationale of scaling up the LSLBI tools inAmuria.

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