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OGB Asia GROW Program Development


07/14 - 12/15


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Oxfam Novib# Lobby and Advocacy Team has decided to invest in programme development, one of the focus this year is on strengtheningOxfam# GROW campaign . An Action Plan was developed in March 2014 # initial work involves different countries in Asia region linking local campaign strategies to national, regional and global campaign strategies of GROW. This global GROW programme will build on on-going GROW national campaigns in Asian countries, the South Asia and Southeast Asia GROW regional campaigns and advocacy work at the international level. A Core Group has been set up to deliver the Action Plan in close coordination with Oxfam Novib Regional Manager for Asia and the head of the Lobby and Advocacy Team. The evolving programme areas are focused on 3 themes (with knowledge management as cross cutting): right to food/food justice, land governance, and climate adaptation. So far, concept notes have been developed already defining the (1) regional (East Asia and South Asia) GROW campaign strategies targeting national governments and regional institutions (ASEAN, Asian Development Bank); (2) global Right to Food influencing work (involving 3 Asian countries), and (3) land governance advocacy in the Mekong Region. The consultant is expected to use these regional programme ideas in helping country and regional Oxfam teams identify local/national to regional/global campaign strategies which is core to her/his task towards designing the global GROW programme framework. This global framework (programme summary/cpncept note) will be used in contacting and exploring partnership with external donors.

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