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Community / Land projects / Philippines Sustainable Interventions in Biodiversity, Oceans and Landscapes (SIBOL)

Philippines Sustainable Interventions in Biodiversity, Oceans and Landscapes (SIBOL)


07/20 - 06/25


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(Philippines): .The SIBOL activity will address biodiversity threats by improving environmental governance, reducing environmental crimes, and enhancing sustainable development of natural resources. It will improve conservation incentives and science-based conservation and enforcement. SIBOL will enhance protected area (PA) management planning process, and expand PA connection to the national PA system. SIBOL will also update the national forest asset account, support national physical accounts development for fisheries, coral reefs, and carbon, and improve capacity for natural capital accounting. Locally, SIBOL will set up ecosystem service accounts for forests, mangroves, coral reefs, and fisheries, to demonstrate how ecosystem services can inform local policies. SIBOL will also support the economic valuation of damages resulting from Chinese incursion in the West Philippine Sea. ..SIBOL aims to reduce or avoid 1 million tons of CO2e over five years, 10% of this in FY 2022, through low emission zoning and land use planning; mangrove and beach forest development; and small grants that focus on community-based natural climate solutions. SIBOL will also conduct targeted REDD+ roadshows, train PA and DenR staff on forest carbon accounting, and develop a fuelwood certification scheme. ..SIBOL will strengthen the natural resource policy framework and advance environmental, social, and biodiversity safeguards to ensure industry practices promote sustainability, including Department of Trade and Industry certification for local biodiversity-friendly enterprises and its products. SIBOL will also heighten environmental law enforcement by training community and government personnel; promote interagency cooperation through law enforcement summits; and support implementation of medium-term enforcement action plans. Of the earmarked biodiversity and SL funding, $500,000 contributes to the total Adaptation-Indirect control, and $1 million contributes to and surpasses the CWT co

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