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Community / Land projects / Preparation of Upscaling National Cadastre (PPMEC)

Preparation of Upscaling National Cadastre (PPMEC)


07/23 - 12/24


This project is part of


The 4 years (plus 9 months extension)project to modernize the land administration in Benin assists the national agency to put in place a functioning, sustainable cadastral information system, to strengthen its organizational processes, to strengthen the collaboration with the main stakeholders in the cadastral chains and to engage civil society in promoting inclusiveness for vulnerable groups in accessing land. The project is built around a fit-for-purpose approach and contributes to achieving a country-wide coverage of the cadastral system that will be kept up to date and improves the land security of all parties involved and provides relevant information for the various stakeholders.


The overall objective of the PMAF is to "make all actors in the land registration chain work to contribute to land security for all segments of the Beninese population and to the promotion of private investment". The specific objectives of the PMAF are as follows: A The national land register is available, functional and sustainable in order to contribute effectively to the land security of a growing number of people; B ANDF implements the national land and domain policy, in accordance with the obligations defined in the Land Code and respecting the conditions of land security and in a financially sustainable manner; C: All parties in the mapping, legal and judicial chains know their roles and responsibilities and assume them effectively and correctly in collaboration with other parties in the chain; D: Increased opportunities for civil society and other interest groups to advocate for improved legislation, policies and implementation of policies to protect access and land ownership rights for socially and/or economically disadvantaged groups;


Act No. 2013-01 of 14 August 2013 on the Land and State Owned Property Code created the National Agency for Land and State Owned Property (ANDF), which is a public establishment of a technical and scientific nature, by investing it, in article 418, with "a mission to secure and coordinate land and State ownership management at the national level". According to Decree 2015-010 of 29 January 2015 on the responsibilities, organisation and functioning of the ANDF, it is responsible: to implement Beninese State policies, strategies and programmes in the field of land and State ownership; ensure the implementation of procedures relating to land management; to manage the land registry; confirm land rights and issue land titles; to establish a national land information management system that is transparent, accessible, reliable and up-to-date

Target Groups

Main direct beneficiary: ANDF: Agence nationale du Domaine et du Foncier; Other beneficiaires: Municipalities and other decentralized administrations, Notaries and lawyers, Banks and financial institutions, Land surveyors and IGN, Civil Society Organisations and in general the overall population (M/F) of Benin.

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