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Community / Land projects / Promoting farmers’ network for inclusive Development (Farm-NID)

Promoting farmers’ network for inclusive Development (Farm-NID)


01/18 - 12/22


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The overall project goal is improved standard of living for rural communities in Kilimanjaro through economic empowerment initiatives basing on gender equality. Project aims at Empowering rural small scale farmers with equal opportunities and increased rights of access to productive resources in Kilimanjaro region by 2022. The expected results are; Institutional capacity of MVIWATA Kilimanjaro strengthened to deliver inclusive and effective services to its members; Institutional capacity of primary networks, groups, SACCO in MVIWATA Kilimanjaro enhanced; Enhanced advocacy capacity of MVIWATA Kilimanjaro at all levels by promoting women and youth (female and male) participation; Increased application of value added agribusiness practices and enhanced access to equal shared gainful markets by women, men and young farmers; Increased farmers’ adaptive capacity to cope with the effects of climate change and enhanced environmental sustainability ; Increased access to affordable and equal shared financial services like loans, credits by women, men and young farmers; Enhanced access to micro-insurance packages by women, men and young farmers; Strengthened gender sensitive farmers’ groups and networks at all levels for equal participation in socio-economic activities ; Increased support to women and young people in accessing agricultural land rights.


"The organisation is using farmer-to-farmer learning approach through promoter farmer initiative. The organisation has trained 20 promoter farmers (13 f, 7 m) on poultry farming who later developed an action plan to support other farmers within their locality in enhancing their poultry farming skills as one of key women economic empowerment initiative. The organisation organised for leadership training for one of the new local network leaders were 14 (9f, 5m) trained leadership and governance issues. The organisation through TAWLA organised for members sensitisation on women land rights and campaign on will writing to help securing women property rights. As a result 5 households have already consulted TAWLA for assistance on will writing. Through several gender sensitisation meetings in Ruvu district, one of the maasai community two youth groups have been formed to support youth empowerment and their involvement in economic activities. "

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