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Step up Together Community Based


06/23 - 05/24


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The purpose of the project is to advance women rights to own and use land. SUTO intends to embark on civic education on land rightsand tenure system provided in the Land Act, community Land act, succession Act and constitution of Kenya targeting 1500 women through use of organized community formations, self-help groups and women groups. Step Up Together will provide intensive civic educationthrough women land rights champions, mass civic educations through use of local radio stations, chief barazas andcommunity meetingsand dialogues with duty bearers such as county land and spatial planning on land ownership. Additionally, the project will promote livelihood and agricultural training to women and credit to enhance farm produce and income. The interventions we propose to undertake include: 1) Conduct civic education forum to create awareness on Land Tenure <(>&<)> Rights and succession, Land Act 2012 and Community Land Act 2016.This awareness will enable our rightsholders to be informed, access justice so that they be able to benefit from their land rights 2) Undertake three-day non-residential Training of Self-help women groups officials on, chiefs and customary leaders on land tenure and Land Rights. These officials will become the community Champions whowill train other community members on land rights and the processes to undertake in coming up with solutions on land disputes. This ripple effect will be conducted through chief barazas, self-help groups, community meetings 3) Conduct three days Capacitybuilding training for 20 women groups on effectiveland use and agri-business training to improve livelihoods. One leader per group will be picked from 20 groups to benefit from better farming methods and building a business lens to agriculture to promote more income and wealth from women agricultural activities,this will not only improve livelihoods within family level better also at the community level 4) Conduct 4 Legal Aid Clinics and referrals to women victims of land dispossession - the will be provided with pro-bono legal services to enable them access to justice 5) Facilitate quarterly community dialogue session between the community and court users committee. This dialogue will be geared towards addressing legal barriers to justice for land related cases affecting women who have been dispossessed their properties 6)Conduct mass civic education Using Rural Radio, community meetings, posters and digital media spaces 7) Conduct two media tours per sub-county to document women struggle with land inequality and approaches being used infighting for equity, this will enable other women to learn from better experience from women who have walked through the same problem 8)Conduct two stakeholders dialogue meeting per sub county on land use planning andownership, harmful gender and social norms. The purpose of the dialogues is to promote change in gender bias that hinder women from gaining right and control of resources within the community and family level.

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