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Community / Land projects / Strengthening Forest Legality through Transparency and Accountability

Strengthening Forest Legality through Transparency and Accountability


12/18 - 03/21


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The Strengthening Forest Legality through Transparency and Accountability Project builds on previous rounds of FGMC support. The first round supported WRI to launch Global Forest Watch (GFW), an online platform monitoring forests everywhere in near-real time. In the second round, WRI worked to demonstrate how transparency combined with customized information technology solutions could strengthen timber legality enforcement and private sector compliance, and drive greater accountability for tropical forest management. In the third FGMC round, WRI will deepen gains in forest and timber trade transparency while securing emerging processes and practices to hold governments and the private sector accountable for forest management and land use decisions. GFW remains central, and the Project will maintain and expand the global functions and reach of GFW. We will also expand ongoing engagement with actors and political processes globally and in key VPA and processing countries (Cameroon, Republic of Congo, China) to scale use of targeted information technology solutions. These include: Forest Watcher – a mobile app that brings near-real time deforestation alerts offline and into the field to assist law enforcement and civil society to identify and interdict forest crime. Forest Atlases – nationalized versions of the GFW platform owned and operated by forest ministries to enhance forest land use transparency and related policy enforcement. Open Timber Portal (OTP) – a web-based platform promoting trade in legal forest products by compiling information about forest sector compliance from government, companies and third-party forest monitors in producer countries. Uptake of these tools will support governments and private sector to implement their commitments to eliminate deforestation and illegal logging, and enable civil society to hold these actors accountable for their commitments.

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