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Community / Land projects / Support to most vulnerable Syrian refugees

Support to most vulnerable Syrian refugees


03/20 - 12/20


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Through the proposed CERF project, UNHCR will be able to increase countrywide case management support to a total of 1,630 persons with specific needs including persons with disabilities, female heads of households, older persons, children at risk, including unaccompanied and separated children, children engaged in the worst forms of child labor, married children as well as survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, LGBTI, and other vulnerable groups. This CERF allocation will also financially support 3,314 referrals for refugees in need of emergency lifesaving and obstetric hospital care. Refugees will be able to access the needed care in 40 hospitals (16 public/ 25 private) contracted and enrolled under UNHCR network (~ of 10 hospitals/ region). In addition, UNHCR (and partners) intend to address the needs of 1,200 refugee and vulnerable Lebanese households through rehabilitation of substandard residential units to meet humanitarian standards and provision of cash for shelter to ensure tenure security arrangements. This project will target 3,314 refugees with Health engagement, 8,630 refugees with Protection engagement and 6,000 refugees with ES/NFI engagement.

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