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Community / Land projects / Sustainable Rural Development Programme (PDRD)

Sustainable Rural Development Programme (PDRD)


10/05 - 12/13


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The goal of the programme was to contribute to rural poverty reduction efforts through activities that intended to develop target village groups and their institutions' capacity to better manage the land; to reverse the process of degradation of cropland and non-cropland through watershed management and irrigation construction; to increase the income of rural poor who constitute the target group by improving agricultural production and productivity; and to improve the living conditions of the target groups by increasing their access to basic social services and markets. The targeted population was included in 30,000 households in the five provinces of Bam, Loroum, Passoré, Yatenga et Zondana. On land and natural resource governance, the programme undertook awareness raising activities regarding land issues. It further has provided support for the recording and formalization of land transaction, and for land registration, the recognition of land rights and land governance. It strengthened local institutions that deal with land tenure security; it defined a strategy regarding this issue and contributed to the land management policy at provincial and regional levels, as well as to the National Land Policy. Moreover it supported the establishment of a land tenure security fund to support the target groups which lack land access.

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