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Community / Land projects / Vegetable Oil Development Project - Phase 2 (VODP 2)

Vegetable Oil Development Project - Phase 2 (VODP 2)


10/10 - 12/18


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This project aims at increasing the domestic production of vegetable oil and its by-products, thus raising rural incomes for smallholder producers and ensuring the supply of affordable vegetable oil products to Ugandan consumers. To that end, the project is helping farmers to increase their production of crushing material (both oil palm and oilseeds) and establish commercial relations to link them directly to processors. The project will benefit 139,000 households covering 43 districts in four hubs: Lira, Eastern Uganda, Gulu and West Nile. Land and natural resource governance related interventions include the development of Environment and Resource Management Plans. Women are engaged in the project in their own right as landowners or tenants, as wives of landowners or tenants, or as plantation workers.

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