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China Regains Clout in Sri Lanka With Family Return to Power
30 Noviembre 2020
Sri Lanka

Big projects backed by Beijing have gained fresh momentum now that the Rajapaksas have staged a political comeback

25 Noviembre 2020

Sandwiched between China and India, the tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan is feeling the squeeze as its giant neighbours square up for supremacy.

A close ally of India, Bhutan got a shock when China made sudden new claims in the summer - over a wildlife sanctuary in the east of the country, on land that had not been considered disputed.

Inequality in Asia
24 Noviembre 2020
Viet Nam
Asia meridional

In a new study, researchers say that land inequality is rising in most countries. Worse, new measures and analysis proves that land inequality is significantly higher than previously recorded, with data reporting a 41 percent increase compared to traditional census data.

Sharing harvests and tables: a community led farming movement in China
20 Noviembre 2020

Measures put in place to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus could lead to a massive disruption to food supplies.

Fonte: Defesa TV
14 Septiembre 2020

Índia e China se engajaram em uma temporada de confrontos, provocações e desentendimentos na região contestada de Ladakh, no Himalaia. Quais as chances de conflito militar e quais grupos têm interesse na deterioração das relações entre as duas potências nucleares?

In Rural China, Villagers Say They're Forced From Farm Homes To High-Rises
10 Agosto 2020

Main photo: new high-rise apartments are under construction in villages around Heze, in eastern China's Shandong province. Rural residents say these complexes are too expensive, too far away from their fields and ill-suited for farmers (Amy Cheng/NPR)

Kachin residents fearful of losing land to secretive China-backed industrial project
7 Julio 2020

The Yunnan-based company has been criticised as secretive as some question whether it is equipped to run such a project

Main photo: The entrance to Namjin village seen on March 6 (Photo- Chan Thar/ Myanmar Now)

Picture from official sources shows Chinese build up in Panong Tso, one of the areas of contention on the border. Photograph: Official source
3 Julio 2020

Namgyal Durbuk knows the steep mountainous terrain of Ladakh like the back of his hand. But in the 45 years he has lived here, along the Indian state’s volatile and poorly defined border with neighbouring China, he has watched Indian land disappear before his eyes.

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