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Plantation in Sri Lanka
13 Diciembre 2022
Sri Lanka

Attempts to re-expropriate assets of Sri Lanka’s privatized commercial plantations on the pretext of being under-utilized will undermine property rights and discourage investors, officials and analysts said.

Proposed site for the sugar factory
13 Noviembre 2022
Sri Lanka

A decades-long struggle that farmers have been waging against multinationals angling to acquire thousands of acres of lush state agricultural land in Bibile for a sugar factory is continuing.

Felix Mittermeier
26 Septiembre 2022
Sri Lanka

A biodiversidade constitui um elemento essencial em nossos ecossistemas globais e fornece a base para práticas agrícolas e produção de alimentos. É essencial para o nosso bem-estar e segurança alimentar, mas muitas vezes é ameaçado pelas nossas atividades.

19 Septiembre 2022
Sri Lanka

Muslims are ‘not officially recognised’ as internally displaced and receive little government help to resettle after 26 years of civil war, activists say.

7 Junio 2022
Sri Lanka
  • A new report identifies the main threats to biodiversity in Sri Lanka — river diversion, habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, overexploitation, and climate change — as well as updates the catalog of the island’s wealth of plant and animal life.
11 Mayo 2022
Sri Lanka

April and May 2022 will be remembered as the most important months in the post-independence era. During this short period the much hoped for people’s awakening expressed itself powerfully. People who wielded authority failed to see the writing on the wall although the wall was just next to the Presidential Secretariat and everywhere in the country.

11 Mayo 2022
República Centroafricana
Sri Lanka

Nairobi/Rome, le 11 mai 2022. Alors que la guerre en Ukraine fait grimper les prix des aliments, des carburants et des engrais à des niveaux record et menace la sécurité alimentaire dans bon nombre des pays les plus pauvres du monde, le Fonds international de développement agricole (FIDA), un organisme des Nations Unies, a lancé aujourd’hui une 

22 Marzo 2022
Sri Lanka

COLOMBO (IDN) — As land forgery continues unabated in Sri Lanka, something has to be done to prevent the prevalent rate of land fraud, with legal owners and innocent buyers unknowingly falling into these traps.

According to news sources, the Registrar General N C Withanage had said, as far back as March 2019, that 40 to 50 per cent of land deeds in Sri Lanka are forged documents.

27 Noviembre 2021
Sri Lanka

Govt. has declared our ancestral lands as wildlife reserve areas, say farmers

In Chundikulam village, located on the eastern tip of Jaffna Peninsula, farmers are facing a peculiar challenge.

12 Noviembre 2021
Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – Land owned by Sri Lanka railways will be offered for private developers for investment, Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa said presenting a budget speech.

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