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Recuento de seminario web: La Seguridad de Tenencia la Tierra Revisada

21 Diciembre 2022

A menudo se considera que reforzar la seguridad de la tenencia es una condición previa para mejorar los medios de vida, la resiliencia y el uso sostenible de los recursos. Las intervenciones del programa LAND-at-scale , financiado por la Netherlands Enterprise Agency - RVO (Agencia Empresarial Neerlandesa) emplean una serie de métodos para lograr la seguridad de la tenencia, como la mejora de los sistemas de cartografía y registro de tierras. 

RVO and FAO Round Table on Land Consolidation in the Arab World: Experiences from Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia

30 Marzo 2021
Sussy Kadesa Okulo
Lisette Meij

What are the state-of-the-art and new approaches to land consolidation as part of integrated rural development strategies in North Africa and Near East? That was the main question around which several experts from Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Turkey joined the FAO/ RVO roundtable discussion on land consolidation during the Second Arab Land Conference last February; a session which 110 participants attended – both in person and online.

A Legal Empowerment Approach to Achieving Women’s Land and Natural Resources Rights

07 Marzo 2021
Seraphin Muramira

When Namati's Community Land Protection project in Sierra Leone's Paki Massabong Chiefdom came to a close, a 'handing over' ceremony was held. Along with village chiefs and local officials, a number of female community members stood to speak. Here are excerpts from what a few of these women shared.  

Why Women Farmers Deserve the Right to Identity

18 Octubre 2019
Shipra Deo

On the 2019 International Day of Rural Women, Landesa’s Shipra Deo explores how land rights are an essential element for overturning misperceptions about the role of women in society and on the farm.

In a workshop with a group of agronomists who work in agriculture extension in India, I ask the participants to draw the picture of a farmer with whom they work. All but one of them draw male figures.