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2 Noviembre 2021 to 4 Noviembre 2021



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Conférence 2021 sur la politique foncière en Afrique

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African Development Bank
African Union
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
25 Junio 2021

In most countries, land inequality is growing. Worse, new measures and analysis published by the International Land Coalition show that land inequality is significantly higher than previously reported.

European Commission
International Land Coalition
28 Septiembre 2020
América Latina y el Caribe

La ILC ALC organiza del 13 al 16 de octubre el XI Foro de la Tierra ALC “Desigualdad en América Latina y el Caribe: impacto y propuestas para la Gobernanza de la Tierra”.

7 Julio 2020 to 9 Julio 2020


América Latina y el Caribe

Oportunidad en que se presentará el Informe 2019 Acceso a la tierra y territorio en Sudamérica (descargue).

Del 7 al 9 de julio de 2020, en las plataformas y redes sociales de Sudamérica Rural – IPDRS y el Movimiento Regional por la tierra y territorio.

Tres jornadas de trabajo, tomar en cuenta las variaciones de hora:

15:00 Colombia - Perú – Ecuador.

Instituto para el Desarrollo Rural de Sudamérica
29 Junio 2020 to 3 Julio 2020
Junte-se a nós no encontro online da LANDac 2020!
22 Mayo 2020



Quinto conversatorio virtual sobre presión de los modelos productivos sobre la tierra, territorios y soberanía alimentaria en el marco de la pandemia


Viernes, 22 de mayo de 2020 de 16:00 horas Quito (UTC-05)


Sistema de Investigación sobre la Problemática Agraria en el Ecuador
15 Junio 2021 to 25 Junio 2021


Virtual event

Date: June 15-25, 2021

Location: Online   

The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2021 Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture. 

This Land Documentary Image
7 Febrero 2019


Pieter de la Courtgebouw / Faculty of Social Sciences, Room 5A-42
, Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Países Bajos

​The Land & Accountability Research Centre (LARC) at the University of Cape Town commissioned the vivid documentary film This Land as a way for rural people to bring the untold story of their struggle for rights and accountability on communal land into urban forums of legislative, political and corporate decision-making.

African Studies Centre Leiden
Land and Accountability Research Centre
LANDac Summer School 2019: Land governance for development image
8 Julio 2019 to 19 Julio 2019


Países Bajos

Large-scale acquisition of land in the global South has received a great deal of interest in the last few years. Especially following the food crisis, and stimulated by the growing demand for biofuels, pressure on land continues to increase.

LANDac Annual International Conference 2019 image
4 Julio 2019 to 5 Julio 2019


Leidseweg 90
3531 BG Utrecht
Países Bajos
Países Bajos


How to support transformations that work for people and nature?


sustainable landscape
6 Octubre 2018 to 7 Octubre 2018


Inmarsat Conference Centre
99 City Road
EC1Y 1AX London
Reino Unido

This forum will bring together each of the key themes and players from our previous events on smallholder farmer resilience, deforestation and sustainable agriculture. The Sustainable Landscapes Conference will tackle the biggest issues faced by business in creating a net positive impact and ensuring sustainable and resilient agricultural supply chains.

Innovation Forum





O CNPq foi criado pela Lei nº 1.310, de 15 de janeiro de 1951, com a denominação de Conselho Nacional de Pesquisas. Na ocasião, o art. 1º, §1º dessa lei atribuiu ao conselho personalidade jurídica própria e o subordinou diretamente à Presidência da República. Posteriormente, a Lei nº 6.129, de 6 de novembro de 1974 transformou o Conselho Nacional de Pesquisas no atual Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico e reformulou sua configuração jurídica, atribuindo-o personalidade jurídica de direito privado, sob a forma de fundação.

Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies

The primary purpose of the journal is to promote publications of original research related to the Malaysian economy. It is also designed to serve as an outlet for studies on the South-east Asian countries and the Asian region. The journal also considers high-quality works related to other regions that provide relevant policy lessons to Malaysia. The journal is receptive to papers in all areas of economics. We encourage specifically contributions on all range of economic topics of an applied or policy nature.

Agribank is a State-Owned Enterprise with the mandate to promote the growth and development of agriculture through affordable and innovative financing. Agribank has been operating in Namibia for over 25 years.

Agribank Act No. 5/2003, as amended, provide the legal framework for regulating the business of the bank and to expand the business operations to be responsive to the changing environment. The Act mandates Agribank to advance money to persons or financial intermediaries to promote agriculture and activities related to agriculture.

Arakan Oil Watch (AOW) is an independent non-governmental community based organization. AOW aims to protect and promote human rights and environmental abuses that result from multinational oil and gas companies in Arakan State and other parts of Burma.

Asia Pacific Viewpoint

Asia Pacific Viewpoint publishes academic research in geography and allied disciplines on the economic and social development of the Asia Pacific. Particular attention is paid to the interplay between development and the environment and to the growing interconnections between countries in the region. Coverage includes:

Asia Survey

The only academic journal of its kind produced in the United States, Asian Survey provides a comprehensive retrospective of contemporary international relations within South, Southeast, and East Asian nations. As the Asian community’s matrix of activities becomes increasingly complex, it is essential to have a sourcebook for sound analysis of current events, governmental policies, socio-economic development, and financial institutions. In Asian Survey you’ll find that sourcebook.

Bertelsmann Stiftung

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is committed to ensuring everyone can participate in society. Since the foundation was established in 1977, roughly 380 employees at our Gütersloh headquarters and other international locations have developed a wide range of projects and initiatives designed to achieve this goal.

Martinus Nijhoff Publishers was an independent academic publishing company dating back to the nineteenth century, which is now an imprint of Brill Publishers. Founded in 1683, Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus. The name was changed to Brill–Nijhoff. Brill is a prestigious imprint with its portfolio focuses on areas in Public International Law, Human Rights, Humanitarian Law and increasingly on International Relations. Brill publishes over 800 books per year in both print and electronic format.

Independent platform for registering and administering legally-acquired use and benefit rights over land in Mozambique

Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA) is an economic and financial policy advisory business. Our focus is on issues where economics, finance and public policy overlap. CEPA was established in 2001 as a private company limited by shares. More recently in addition to our office in London, we have established a branch office in New Delhi.  Further to our client work, CEPA undertakes and supports policy-focused research to promote debate and best practice. We re-invest one quarter of our surplus (after remunerating directors and staff) into these activities.

Our mission is to support the building of businesses throughout Africa and South Asia, to create jobs, and to make a lasting difference to people’s lives in some of the world’s poorest places.

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30 Junio 2021


Los países de América, bajo el liderazgo del Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA), acordaron este martes una acción conjunta para la Cumbre sobre Sistemas Alimentarios de las Naciones Unidas para resaltar el trabajo de los productores agropecuarios.

9 Julio 2021


La relatora especial Mary Lawlor escuchó a los indígenas de Zongo y del pueblo Mosetén, quienes denunciaron que empresas explotan recursos en sus predios.