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Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation

We are the world’s first environmental trust fund, established in 1992 as a collaborative venture between the Royal Government of Bhutan, United Nations Development Program, and World Wildlife Fund. An endowment of US$20 million was set up as an innovative mechanism to finance conservation programs over the long term in Bhutan. Donors to the trust fund include the World Wildlife Fund and the Global Environment Facility, the governments of Bhutan, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.


A global conservation legacy

Conservation International works to spotlight and secure the critical benefits that nature provides to humanity. Since our inception, we’ve helped to protect more than 6 million square kilometers (2.3 million square miles) of land and sea across more than 70 countries. Currently with offices in 29 countries and 2,000 partners worldwide, our reach is truly global.

Our Mission

Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore

The Gardens' Bulletin Singapore is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original papers and reviews on plant structure and taxonomy (including revisions), evolution and biogeography, floristics, ecology and  conservation, as well as related fields such as horticulture and ethnobotany, with emphasis on the plant life of the Southeast Asian-Pacific region.


Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER )

HEKS champions the cause of a more humane and just world and a life in dignity. Internationally, HEKS/EPER focuses on rural community development, humanitarian aid and inter-church cooperation. 

UN-REDD Programme

Deforestation and forest degradation account for approximately 11 percent of carbon emissions, more than the entire global transportation sector and second only to the energy sector. It is now clear that in order to constrain the impacts of climate change within limits that society will reasonably be able to tolerate, global average temperatures must be stabilized within two degrees Celsius. This will be practically impossible to achieve without reducing emissions from the forest sector, in addition to other mitigation actions.

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Defensores medioambiental. . Foto Cuartoscuro / Archivo Jornada
15 Septiembre 2021
América Latina y el Caribe

A medida que la crisis climática se intensifica, también lo hace la violencia contra las personas defensoras de la tierra y del medioambiente. Entre los sectores identificados en los que se han registrado más ataques han sido en el forestal, en la defensa del agua y represas, así como en la minería e industria extractivas, de acuerdo con la organización Global Witness.

Plan ecuador y peru amazonia
29 Agosto 2021
América Latina y el Caribe
América del Sur

Expertos ambientalistas, de organizaciones indígenas y sociedad civil presentaron este viernes el Plan Biorregional Cuencas Sagradas 2030, propuesta para proteger la Amazonia de Ecuador y Perú bajo un enfoque “ecocéntrico”.

9 Agosto 2021
América Latina y el Caribe

Pablo Rojo

La defensa del territorio, en muchos casos de alto valor ecológico, donde históricamente han vivido y viven las comunidades indígenas, incluye también la defensa ambiental, debido a que en ocasiones estas zonas se ven gravemente amenazadas por actividades industriales o infraestructuras.