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Seguridad alimentaría

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Diciembre 2019

Biochar is one of the most affordable negative emission technologies (NET) at hand for future large-scale deployment of carbon dioxide removal (CDR), which is typically found essential to stabilizing global temperature rise at relatively low levels.

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Junio 2019

Smallholders worldwide continue to experience processes of displacement from their lands under neoliberal political-economic governance.

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Mayo 2019

Ecosystem services (ESs) are increasingly being used by many countries around the world as a framework for addressing the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This review article of the usability of Libyan soil databases for ESs and SDGs is the first of its kind for North Africa.

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Abril 2019

The evaluation of resource and environmental carrying capacity (RECC) is the foundation for the rationale behind the arrangement of land spaces for production, living, and ecological uses. In this study, based on various natural, economic, and social factors, an integrated Multi-Factor assessment model was developed to evaluate the RECC of Xinbei district of Changzhou.

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Enero 2019

While food and nutrition security are issues that national and international organizations are tackling, one of the central problems often overlooked is the essential role of soils in providing nutritious food. Soils are the base for food production and food security.

Understanding Land in the Context of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions: A Brief History of Land in Economics
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Enero 2019
América Latina y el Caribe

In economics, land has been traditionally assumed to be a fixed production factor, both in terms of quantity supplied and mobility, as opposed to capital and labor, which are usually considered to be mobile factors, at least to some extent.

The Cambodian peasantry and the formalisation of land rights : Historical overview and current issues
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Enero 2019

The central objective of this working paper produced by Jean-Christophe Diepart and Thol Sem, is to examine the recognition and formalisation of peasants’ land rights against the backdrop of Cambodian history and political economy of land and agrarian change.

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Enero 2019

The “Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security” are referred to as the “Voluntary Guidelines" or the VGGT in this newsletter.

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23 Enero 2020
América Latina y el Caribe

Considerando que sin los derechos seguros a la tierra lograr la mayoría de los ODS no será posible, nace la iniciativa regional ODS y Derechos a la Tierra de la ILC ALC. ¿Su objetivo? Contribuir a que los gobiernos nacionales mejoren la implementación de la Agenda 2030 incluyendo las perspectivas y propuestas de la sociedad civil vinculadas a los derechos a la tierra.


22 Enero 2020


Por Gustavo A. Aparicio O.


El pleno de la Asamblea Nacional aprobó este miércoles en tercer debate el proyecto de ley que impulsa medidas para el desarrollo de la agricultura familiar para garantizar la seguridad alimentaria.

3 Diciembre 2019

Ella Alimenta al mundo” es un programa que busca visibilizar y potenciar la labor 412 mil mujeres productoras a pequeña escala de cinco distritos de tres regiones costeras: Piura, Ica y Lima