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Octubre 2018
Estados Unidos de América

Geographical indication (GI) schemes can play a special role in promoting sustainable rural development, improving farm income and opening new export potential. Natural factors such as soil, climate and plant varieties play a major role in producing a unique product. Usually, GIs comprise knowledge and skills passed on from generation to generation, helping to protect local heritage.

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Septiembre 2018

Recently, we witnessed an immense increase in international land transactions in the Global South, a phenomenon slowly expanding in northern industrialized countries, too. Even though in Europe agriculture plays a decreasing economic role for rural livelihoods, the increases in land transactions by non-local, non-agricultural investors pervades rural life.

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Junio 2018

A history of the successful resistance by Mozambican villagers and the farmers’ union UNAC against Africa’s biggest agro-industrial programme, ProSavana, which was an attempt, funded by Brazil and Japan, to transform northern Mozambique’s Nacala Corridor into Brazil’s Mato Grosso, despite the glaringly obvious differences between the two.

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Mayo 2018

Oman enjoys a dynamic partnership with FAO, which was strengthened in 2012 with the opening of the FAO country<p></p>representation. Cooperation has focused on sustainable development of the food, agriculture and fisheries sectors, while<p></p>ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources.

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Mayo 2018

A comunidade Uruçu está situada na zona rural do município de Mairi, Bahia-Brasil, próximo ao Rio Jacuípe, clima semiárido, subtropical e ameno. A precipitação pluviométrica média anual varia entre 600 a 800 milímetros, coordenadas geográfica -11.642196 -40.263096.

Valuation of Unregistered Lands: A Policy Guide cover image
Manual y guías
Mayo 2018

In many developing countries, only 30 per cent of land rights are registered. This publication aims to support developing countries that have unregistered lands to be able to value these lands. It is intended for policy makers, valuation practitioners, other land professionals and various stakeholders involved in the valuation of unregistered lands.

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Marzo 2018

Cambodia joined FAO in 1950 and since an FAO representation was opened in 1994, the focus of cooperation has gradually<p></p>shifted moving from projects to increase production to interventions aimed at diversifying production, achieving sustainable<p></p>use of natural resources and improving the nutrition security

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Marzo 2018

“El agua es vida” se dice comúnmente, y este dicho tiene aún mayor sentido en comunidades del mundo rural latinoamericano donde habitan 65,6 millones de personas, incluyendo a unas 45 millones de personas de más de 800 pueblos indígenas (CEPAL. Los pueblos indígenas en América latina: Avances en el último decenio y retos pendientes para la garantía de sus derechos. Santiago de Chile, 2014).

Marzo 2018

The VGGT are very necessary for Cambodia because of the role these guidelines play in protecting human rights, and especially land rights. Let's watch the video together in order to get more information on VGGT.

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Febrero 2018
Arabia Saudita

يربط بين منظمة الأغذية والزراعة والمملكة العربية السعودية تاريخ حافل بالتعاون. فعلى مدى أكثر من 50 عاماً، غطت المساعدات المقدَّمة من المنظمة الطيف الكامل من التنمية الزراعية والريفية عبر تدخلات مختارة بعناية لتلبية المجالات ذات الأولوية العليا التي حددها البلد ووضعه الإقليمي.

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