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Junio 2012

Recent trends in Albania suggest that it
has the potential for a modern and competitive agricultural
sector, provided there is sufficient private investment and
the right policy environment. This chapter looks at the role
of agriculture in the economy and the current status of the

Junio 2012

This paper is motivated by the emphasis
on secure property rights as a determinant of economic
development in recent literature. The authors use village
and household level information from about 800 villages
throughout China to explore whether legal reform increased

Junio 2012
Europa oriental

A major problem in the Europe and
Central Asia (ECA) agricultural sector and rural areas
during the transition was the breakdown of the relationships
of farms with input suppliers and output markets. The
simultaneous privatization and restructuring of the farms

Junio 2012

This paper analyzes the effect of
facilities and infrastructure available at the market place
on a farmer's decision to sell at the market using a
comprehensive survey of farmers, markets and villages
conducted in Tamil Nadu, India in 2005. The econometric

Junio 2012

This paper uses the Ricardian approach
to examine how farmers in 11 countries in Africa have
adapted to existing climatic conditions. It then estimates
the effects of predicted changes in climate while accounting
for whatever farmer adaptation might occur. This study

Junio 2012

This study examines the impact of
climate change on cropland in Africa. It is based on a
survey of more than 9,000 farmers in 11 countries: Burkina
Faso, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Niger,
Senegal, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The study uses

Junio 2012

The objective of this paper is to
determine the ability of farmers in Africa to detect climate
change, and to ascertain how they have adapted to whatever
climate change they believe has occurred. The paper also
asks farmers whether they perceive any barriers to

Junio 2012

Irrigation management transfer is an
important strategy among donors and governments to
strengthen farmer control over water and irrigation
infrastructure. This study seeks to understand whether
irrigation management transfer is meeting the promise of its

Junio 2012

This study uses the Ricardian approach
to examine the economic impact of climate change on
agriculture in Zimbabwe. Net farm revenue is regressed
against various climate, soil, hydrological and
socio-economic variables to help determine the factors that

Junio 2012

The detailed analysis of current
cropping areas in Africa presented here reveals significant
climate sensitivities of cropland density and distribution
across a variety of agro-ecosystems. Based on empirical
climate-cropland relationships, cropland density responds

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