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El desalojo de tierras, consiste en arrojar a los ocupantes de un predio por vía de ejecución administrativa forzada, considerando la autoridad que estas personas no tienen ningún derecho de estar en el sitio.

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Mayo 2024

Often, approaches to investment-related land rights violations are reactive, rather than proactive and preventative: legal support is usually provided after communities have been negatively impacted, displaced or evicted — and after lives have been lost, property destroyed, local waters and soils polluted, and communities devastated.

Informes e investigaciones
Abril 2022

This list of bibliographic references is an accompanying piece to the data story written by Rick de Satgé and published by the Land Portal on 28 April 2022.

Enero 2022

Context and backgroundColonial legacy and the continuous implementation of neoliberal policies have led to the creation of institutional pluralism in the planning of customary land in peri-urban areas in Ghana. During land commoditisation, peri-urban customary land planning regularly involves physical planning authorities, traditional authorities, and private surveyors.

Octubre 2021

Gives details of how villagers in Chilonga in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo province are being kicked off their land;paving the way for growing lucerne grass as stockfeed. Cites some individual case histories;government support to the giant dairy company Dendairy and attempts to resist the evictions.

Septiembre 2021

With the pandemic striking higher in Uganda;poor families continue to be forced off their land by their government and investors despite several directives halting evictions during the COVID period. Cites a number of examples. In the latest looming evictions;the Uganda government is evicting more than 35,000 artisanal miners in the Kisita mines in Kassanda district.

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Julio 2021
África septentrional
África occidental
Cette étude examine l’évolution géographique et temporelle de la violence impliquant les communautés pastorales.
Informes e investigaciones
Julio 2021

For the estimated 70% of the world population that lives on property without a formal land title, life can be precarious.

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