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modos de aprovechamiento

land tenure system
land tenure regimes

Las formas de explotación de la tierra, hacen referencia a la manera como una propiedad agrícola es utilizada, aprovechada o usufructuada. El aprovechamiento puede ser directo o indirecto.

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Legislación y políticas
Febrero 1879

INDIA Act II 1876..... "WHEREAS it is expedient to declare the law relating to the acquisition by private
persons of rights in land in the Union of Burma ;
And whereas it is expedient also to consolidate and' amend the law relating to the
assessment and collection of land-revenue, capitation-tax and certain other taxes ;

Legislación y políticas
Febrero 1874

INDIA Act III, 1874....."Whereas it is expedient to make such provision as hereinafter appears for the enjoyment of
wages and earnings by women married before the first day of January, 1866, and for insurances
on lives by persons married before or after that day:
And whereas by the Indian Succession Act, 1865, section 4,1 it is enacted that no person shall by

Legislación y políticas
Julio 1856

INDIA Act XV, 1856....."Whereas it is known that by the law as administered in the civil Courts, Hindu widows with
certain exceptions are held to be, by reason of their having been once married, incapable of
contracting a second valid marriage, and the offspring of such widows by any second marriage
are held to be illegitimate and incapable of inheriting property;...

Legislación y políticas
Abril 1850

INDIA ACT XXI, 1850....."Whereas it is enacted by section 9, Regulation VII, 1832, of the Bengal Code, that “whenever in
any civil suit the parties to such suit may be of different persuasions, when one party shall be of
the Hindu and the other of the Muhammadan persuasion, or where one of more parties to the suit


This Act provides rules relative to the holding of title and other rights in land by persons other than a permanent resident or other than persons acquiring land or an interest in land under a devise or by inheritance (“Non-Bahamian”) and makes provision for control by the State on the holding of title in land in the Bahamas by foreigners.

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